The Mission-Driven Brand Cohort

A Monthly Workshop for Organizations Wanting to Maximize Their Marketing’s Impact
Starting April 2024


Are you tired of….?
  • Lacking a clear brand identity and audience engagement?
  • An inadequate online presence and brand identity?
  • Struggling to maintain a mission-driven company culture?
This cohort is for mission-minded organizations & individuals like you… 
  • Entrepreneurs who want to make a difference
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Mission-minded business owners
  • Local ministries in need of more support
With The Mission-Driven Brand Cohort, you will:

💡 Gain Insight into your brand's current standing and the market landscape.

 🏗️ Build a Strong Foundation with a clear mission, vision, and values.

 📖 Craft a Compelling Brand Story that connects deeply with your audience.

 🛡️ Protect Your Vision with the right advisory board.

 🌐 Make an Impact Online with a website that truly embodies your mission and brand identity.

 🎨 Enhance Your Brand’s Visual Identity and Personality with unforgettable logo and design elements.

 🌱 Foster a Vibrant Company Culture that brings your mission to life.


The Mission-Minded Brand Investment: Eight Monthly Payments of $97 or $777 for all eight months.

What's included:

  • Eight monthly in-person, 2-hour coaching sessions with Danny. This is where you'll get live group coaching and group discussion on:
    • Your Mission, Vision, and Values
    • Your Brand Story
    • The Benefits of an Advisory Board
    • Your Website Strategy
    • Your Logo & Brand Identity
    • Your Company Culture
  • One Monthly 1hr. Zoom check-in which provides guidance, accountability, and support as a group.
  • A private community with other members to get support, ideas, and advice when you face challenges and to help you stay motivated when you’re not feeling it.
  • Private group chat group where Danny will send regular coaching advice and support in-between monthly live sessions.
  • Monthly digital resources, worksheets, and tools that make your brand’s mission-centric to your messaging and that maximizing your marketing. 

If you're interested and want to be updated on all the details, join below!